Audio Codec with jetson TX2


I am planning to use TLV320ALC3204IRHBR audio codec with Jetson TX2 based system. I have following questions :

  1. Is the driver for TLV320ALC supported on L4T.

  2. Have anyone used this codec with TX2 before? Can someone share the reference schematic?

  3. There is BCL(bit clokc) and WCLK (word clock) pin on TLV320ALC device. Which pins of TX2 these signals should get connected to?

  4. Where should the pins I2S0_LRCLK and I2S_CLK pins of TX2 module get connected to ?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Hi Goutam, (Page 10) will provide you some info on how to connect I2S signals to this codec. For further help on this, we recommend to refer to the documentation provided with the codec.

Regarding Jetson TX2 I2S signals, Kindly refer to NVIDIA_JetsonTX2_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification.pdf - “3.4 Expansion Header” Section.

Bit Clock (BCLK) -> I2S_CLK
Word Clock (WCLK) -> I2S_LRCLK (Left Right Clock)

The codec driver is already present in the BSP and few developers are already using this codec in their design:

Which JetPack version are you using?


Thanks Sharad for your quick response !!