AVRDUDE and LinuxGPIO Issues

I’ve seen a few things around involving the use of LinuxGPIO for bitbanging bootloaders and .hex files onto ATMEGAs, but generally using the Raspberry Pi. Is there anybody that’s documented its setup for the Jetson Nano? I ask because I’ve watched the output of each of the 40 GPIO pins with my scope while running the avrdude commands from the below linked (and other) guides online, I’ve not seen any clock or MOSI signalling happening. All pins are either source/sink or radio silent. I’ve swapped pin numbers in the avrdude config file for physical pin numbers, the GPIO pin IDs (although avrdude complains if the pin number rises above 32), as well as alternate RasPi pinouts.

The probing of every pin and hearing crickets has me worried it’s a driver issue.

Thanks in advance for any insight or tips. I’m a student and relatively new to embedded development and appreciate the community and backlog of information here.



Actually I am not sure whether your tool would work or not.
Jetson nano uses basic Linux GPIO framework and sysfs to control the gpio.