Awake a Jetson TX1 from a suspended state via "Wake on Lan"

Is it possible to awake a Jetson TX1 from a suspended state aka low power mode via “Wake on Lan”?

ifconfig denotes that ‘Wake-on’ is g, which means it should be enabled, however I could not find any docs about this matter.

Thanks in advance!

This is not an anwser… I know it works on Xavier but doesn’t on TX2 because its Ethernet PHY doesn’t support it.
Never tried on TX1, it seems it has another Ethernet PHY RTL8153, but I can’t tell which version is in TX1 and if it supports WOL…You may just try.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give it a shot somewhere this week. Will let you know.

Okay I have connected the Jetson TX1 with an ethernet cable to a Jetson Nano. By running the following command from the nano you could awake the Jetson TX1 from a suspended state:

wakeonlan -i

Ultimately allowing certain automation with startup scripts