Wake on Lan help

I have been working with a TK1 board and need to be able to enable it to wake up with a magic packet. The general set up is easy enough, but from what i can gather, the system is suspending power to the NIC on shutdown. I’ve seen speculation that this could be solved by re-writing the boot/poweroff sequence to not suspend the NIC but I have not found anything on how to go about this.

Is there anyone that has had any luck with this or at the very least and definitive yes or no as to if WoL is even capable for this device.

Thanks in advance.


I tried with a i210 NIC

I forget the details not but I do not think it is possible, not enough support from L4T.

See this thread and the totally unacceptable / clueless response from nVidia


Just to clear up some of this nonsense:

Wake on lan occurs when the LAN NIC sucks enough power off the LAN to raise a power signal and start the regular boot process.

  1. Wake on LAN is not something that happens over WiFi so talking about WiFi is total nonsense
  2. Wake on Lan is a process where the NIC sends a hard-wired signal to the power system to admit power- this was originally done of actual physical wiring that you connected to your ethernet card. So while the NIC needs to be configured (and thus firmware) to do this talking about the kernel not supporting this is kind of nonsense.

What I would like to know, what I think we would all like to know is - did nVidia actually wire this feature in or not. If they did wire it in then we can probably fix the software - if they didn’t wire it in then god help us we can not be saved. The only way to know whether they wired this feature in is for someone to look at the schematic surrounding the NIC and see if the WOL pins have been wired in. Heck release the schematics to me and get me a datasheet on the NIC and I will tell you whether the board supports it.

Schematics are in download section (602-7R375-0000-D00.Schematics.Rev.4.02.pdf) for jetson tk1, and for lan chip RTL8111GS there is datasheet (google). I was looking into this feature myself some time ago. And i don’t think it is possible to power on through WOL. But it is possible to wake the board if it is in deep sleep() mode but it requires driver from realtek to achieve this.

If i understand this corectly RTL8111GS is not powered when board is in power off mode

If i’m mistaken please correct me. Cheers!

OK so I signed up and reviewed the schematics - it does appear that the realtek LAN controller (also known as a NIC) does have wake on LAN correctly wired in. It also appears to be wired to the PCI output. In short - there is some hope that this can be made to work.

As you correctly point out rubmyleftfootgently (god some handles are great aren’t they) the NIC still needs power. I don’t yet understand the power modes well enough nor the power requirements of the NIC well enough to see what condition this would be met. However the schematic does talk about LPO mode which I presume stands for low power on mode - in other words a powered down mode aka sleep mode.

A little more investigation is required to figure this out - watch this space.

LP0 - sleep mode
from tegra k1 trm:

Deep sleep - Also known as LP0. A full-chip power state in which
VDD_CORE is turned off but VDD_RTC (i.e., VDD_AO)
and many of the I/O power rails remain on

So it seems that it can’t be done if board is powered off. But it is achievable in deep sleep.
Also if to acheve this backporting linux driver (r8169) for ethernet was needed or driver compile from realtek. I don’t have access to jetson tk1 now to check this :(.

Tk1 can not be waked up in power off mode as no power supply to Tk1 and RTL8111GS.
And WoL can work in LP0 mode by asserting PE_WAKE#(PEX_WAKE_L).
If need to achieve WoL in power off mode, HW modification is needed, for example, to power supply RTL8111GS seperately and wire LANWAKEB pin to ONKEY of AS3722