I need to power up, Jetson TK1 to start, without having to press the power button

The new Jetson TK1 can be started when the power is connected, without having to press the power button again.
I developed on Jetson TK1, I hope to power off after a period of time to achieve Jetson TK1 can automatically start the function, do not need to press the power button.
At present, I test found that sometimes can achieve such a function, and sometimes can not achieve such a function, there is no way to find a viable way to achieve my goal.
Test Methods:
In the process of running the system power, and then after a period of time will be powered.
Who can help me?

Hi cxmzlxb, do you mean you need a function that TK1 won’t immediately power up when power supply plug in, but power up after a while after that? If so, a time-delay device needed, which can set time delay and to control power on signal.

It sounds like perhaps you want “wake on LAN”?

Or just a timer?

I need to power up, Jetson TK1 to start, without having to press the power button

How do I set up Wake-on-LAN?

I don’t know if wake-on-lan is supported with the integrated NIC, but is probably just a kernel feature plus an init config if the integrated NIC supports WOL. Anyone know about WOL capability of the integrated NIC?

If not, then you’d use the mini-PCIe slot to add a NIC with that specification. But if boot when power is supplied is your goal, then probably you’d instead want to wire the header (standard layout for a PC’s power, reset, drive activity LED, so on…see that color-coded header next to the 9-pin D-sub connector). Wiring could be as complicated as a micro-controller, or as simple as an RC circuit.

Where are the 9 pin D-sub connector manuals downloaded?

The 9-pin D-sub is just to point out something easy to see near the header. The required header pins are next to the largest connector on one corner of the board (the 9-pin D-sub)…the serial console port. The header itself has “FRONT PANEL” on the silkscreen and matches standard motherboard headers where the power switch and other standard chassis connection would be performed on a desktop PC motherboard. This provides alternate access to the power and reset buttons.

Detailed description for verification is on the schematic. Just search for “FRONT PANEL” or “J1A1”. Go here, log in (requires a separate login and registration which is not the same as forum login), select product “Jetson TK1”, and search for “schematic”. The design files will contain schematics with J1A1 layout: