AzureWave AW-CB511NF driver


Does anyone know if the AzureWave AW-CB511NF WiFi/BT module is readily integrated in the Orin Nano dev kit? And does it share a similar driver as AzureWave AW-CB375NF module?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Please refer to Clarification on AW-CB511NF-BPF wifi module - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it only listed AW-CB375NF as part of the compatible WiFi/BT and not specifically mentioned anything about AW-CB511NF.

I did check with the module developer and they mentioned it shall be part of Orin. Any idea how can I verify or confirm this?

We don’ have AW-CB511NF, may other developers help to have suggestions. Thanks

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