Backlight brightness very low when using nvidia-driver-510 or newer. (Ubuntu 22.04)

I just tried driver 530 as well, and I can confirm, max brightness is still very low.
…rolling back to version 470. :(

According NVidia driver 530 documentation at this link: Chapter 16. Configuring a Notebook
There is (or was) an option to disable the backlight handler, by passing the


parameter to the nvidia kernel module.
This would most likely solve the dim backlight problem, but unfortunately, it seems this option was removed after driver 470, even though it is still mentioned in the documentation.
Running “modinfo nvidia” shows that it is gone.
Is this a temporary bug, or was this feature removed permanently. If so, why is it still in the docs?
Also, what is the point of paying a premium for a laptop with certified NVidia GSync display, if the display is not compatible with the latest NVidia drivers?

Unfortunately, the latest CUDA Toolkit requires updated drivers, so I can’t install CUDA without borking my display. As a workaround, I bought an AMD Radeon eGPU, so I can port my CUDA code to ROCm.

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