Bandwidth Test Error ! unspecified launch failure in prior launch


The following are my system details:

EVGA nVIDIA nForce 790i SLI mobo with 3 PCIe x16 slots.
3 GTX 280 GPU cards (not connected in SLI mode).
Mircrosoft Visual Studio 2008 and CUDA 3.0 beta installed.

I ran the bandwidthtest application from the CUDA SDK. The screenshot is shown below. Please suggest any solution for this error.

Are you using a 195 series driver? That sort of problem is usually an incompatibility between driver and toolkit libraries.

Yes I am using the 195 series driver. Here:

Shall I uninstall these ?

No, that is what you should be using. The 3.0 beta toolkit requires 195 series drivers. I don’t use CUDA on windows enough to suggest anything else, sorry.