CUDA 4, driver-related, run-time error CUDA 4, Geforce GT 425M, Windows 7 Pro. SP1

I am posting this here as I could not find a specific Win 7 forum.

I have installed CUDA 4 on a Sony Vaio VPCF13XFX running Windows 7 Pro with SP1, graphics card is GeForce GT 425M using the following packages:

  • devdriver_4.0_winvista-win7_64_270.28_notebook.exe
  • cudatoolkit_4.0.11_win_64.msi
  • cudatoolssdk_4.0_win_64.msi
  • gpucomputingsdk_4.0.11_win_64.exe

nvcc -V on a command prompt works giving the version installed, but when I try to test the installation running one of the examples in the SDK (bandwidthTest) I get the following error:

“/ : cudaSafeCall() Runtime API error : CUDA driver versionis insufficient for CUDA runtime version.”

The driver installed has version 266.58, which appears to be the latest listed in the CUDA website for this card.

I would appreciate any help or ideas.

A third install of the driver package (270.28) solved the problem.