Basler camera, pylon source and deepstream objectDetector_Yolo

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I’ve created a pylonsrc using both the following:

pylon 5.2 SDK (Software Download | Basler)


gst-plugins-vision from GitHub - joshdoe/gst-plugins-vision: GStreamer plugins related to the field of machine vision

So, when i run a command like

gst-launch-1.0 pylonsrc ! xvimagesink

I can see the image on screen.

My question is how to use this source (rather than v4l2src) in the objectDetector_Yolo same in the Deepstream 6.0 SDK? It seems from the config file that I can only choose CameraV4L2, or URI. Is there any way to run this sample with pylonsrc instead?



you need to modify deepstream SDK ,

  1. add new enum NV_DS_SOURCE_CAMERA_BASLER in NvDsSourceType.
  2. add code to create pylonsrc element in create_camera_source_bin.

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