I am using this pin BATLOW# or interrupting the TX1 module when the battery is disconnected the pin level is changing but I am unable to receive any interrupt in the processor how to use this interrupt pin

Hello, agxin:
For GPIO interrupt programming, SDCARD card-detection pin will be a good example.
Please refer to “drivers/mmc/host/sdhci-tegra.c”, and check the ‘cd_gpio’ related code. It shows how to request/enable/disable/processing/… an interrupt from a GPIO.

You can make a driver to deal with this pin interrupt.



Thanks for the reply

we need to use the BAT LOW pin for alerting the processor the battery is low

but we are not getting any alert (but the pin level is changing from low to high at normal battery level and from high to low at low battery level in the reference board

Is this pin by default used for monitoring battery or
It can only be used with the (specific batteries ) smart batteries with I2C interface connecting to the processor

If it can be used to send an interrupt to the processor when a change because of plugging a battery is detected how to implement it

Hello, agxin:
That depends on your system design.
You need to write a driver to deal with BAT-LOW event.