BAT_LOW pin status checking


How i can read PMIC - Bat_low pin status in R24.2.1? My assumption is, If Bat_low pin is low it should intimate processor through sysfs entries?

I already verified that when i went shutdown, this Bat_low pin helps me to come out of shutdown mode. But when in normal mode, i need to identify the status. Please help.

You can just read the PMIC REG 0x13 bit3 to know the battery low status.

The BATLOW(LOW_BAT) is connected to TX1 LCD_GPIO1(GPIO_PV.03) It report a fuel gauge interrupt or low battery warning.
There is another low-battery monitor analog input pin (MON of MAXIM MAX77620 PMIC) was connect to VIN_PWR_BAD on CVM board to board connector.

The PMIC REG 0X13 is for MON pin status and indicate to VIN_PWR_BAD.


I am able to see my pin status in PMIC REG - 0xb (pmic bat_low pin) - value: 0x8 and 0x4(depends on falling and rising). But not able to see any change in LCD_GPIO1.