I am using JTX1 i am not having any standby supply in my device but my power converter has an option to go to low power mode can I use this pin to make my power supply in low power mode so that i Can save power since TX1 is having a few gpio pin can i control this from the CARRIER STAND BY pin

CARRIER_STBY# signal is the request signal from TX1 to make system into LP0 status. When it’s driven low, JTX1 will enter LP0 status and the power consumption is low too. I don’t think you need to make your power converter into low power mode, as its output is decided by JTX1.

Thanks for your reply sir

When in standby only standby power will be enabled and all the other supplies will be disabled i have not used any standby supply in carrier board when TX1 is going into standby mode it is making thin pin low to inform the carrier board that it is going to standby mode in the power converter to achieve efficiency at light loads there is an option for entering into low power mode in which pulse skipping and other function will be active to maintain good efficiency .for using this feature we need a pin from processor to manage modes in the converter can this be done by this pin .How this pin will behave when coming out of standby mode during a wake event ? can it inform (change state )when tx1 is out of stand by mode to the carrier board ?

This pin is driven low to inform system into LP0 status and keep low untill system is waked from LP0. When TX1 is out of standby this pin will be pulled high.