The CARRIER_PWR_ON signal is 0V,why?

Reference to the NVIDIA development kit, we made a number of Carrier Board , one of the problems is CARRIER_PWR_ON signal voltage is 0, so Carrier Board power subsystemis not normal work why?

Please check the power up sequence of your board as figure 4 in OEM DG showing to make sure the timing of all signals are correct. Also please review your board design with checklist in chapter 14 of OEM DG, especial to power part to make sure no design mistake.

I’m sure the design is no mistake ,The same batch produced a number of Carrier Board, only one Carrier Board appeared on this issue at the same time I’m sure the tx1 Module is ok

How many modules do you have? Please do cross check to make sure the failure is on module or carrier board.

Almost 100 pieces,I have tested it and determined that it is a problem with the carrier board

Since you make sure it is carrier board issue, you can detect which is the failure point by isolating components on CARRIER_PWR_ON net, and so confirm which component puts it to ground.

I have removed the components on CARRIER_PWR_ON net, but still not, I think the other signal so that TX1 Moudle can not produce the correct CARRIER_PWR_ON, but I can not find out which signal

That’s why I previously suggested you test power on sequence to make sure all related signals timing are correct, especial for the VIN_PWR_BAD# and POWER_BTN#.

VIN_PWR_BAD is correct, but the POWER_BTN signal I can not test, did not use it, so did not lead to

So you used auto power on design for it since POWER_BTN is not used? Did you follow the auto-power-on chapter of OEM DG? You can see in the figure 4 of DG, there are only VIN_PWR_BAD#, POWER_BTN and power rails of carrier board before CARRIER_PWR_ON, if all them are correct, it is weird that CARRIER_PWR_ON is held low.

Hi ??,

Have you clarified the cause on Carrier Board?
Any further suggestion required?


Hi there,

We figured it out that 1.8V needs to be low until carrier power good is sent. This resolved the temperature issue. Thanks for your help.