Module POWER_BTN 0V.

Have not been using my tx1 for a while, finally decided to use it. But could not turn it on. VIN is ok. 19V. But my POWER_BTN is 0V. I removed the module and measured the carrier board power btn to ground resistance. It’s not shorted on the carrier board. So I guess the module is broken? VDD_5V0_SYS failed?

I have both TK1 and TX1. None of them work now… And it seems like only me having these hardware problems?

I found a short on the VDD_5V0_IO_SYS on carrier board. one of the capacitor shorted… Pretty sure I have not done any crazy hardware wise to the board… kind of disappointed.

Hi StevenSun,

No idea what would be damaged, could you get another power brick or with power supply to see if can boot the device?

If still not, the RMA is welcome, please refer to

How does RMA work? can I still create one after 1 year?.
Power brick is fine, getting 19V (original one).

Contacted support, only 1 year warranty. Really, for this kind of product (used in embedded and automotive) that is expected to last a long time.