Has my Jetson died?

Hello guys,
Without reason my tx1 has died today after few days of use. I used it with original AC all time, didn’t connect any extra, just a ssd. I wonder if this has a kind of fuse or something, because after unplug/plug with some minutes after each, it turns power button led a few secs and then dies. No serial nor usb activity.

Model: p2597
I would appreciate if someone could advise.
Thank you!

Probably a good check would be to see if it shows up on the host with lsusb when you attempt to start with the recovery button held down and the micro-B USB cable connected. You could also see if the power supply shows output with a voltmeter. It sounds quite possible that hardware has failed. If interested, RMA information is near the top of this:

Hi there!
Thank you… I got 19.3v while ps says 19v… doesn’t looks so bad… I repeat all process again… realized that led turn on that secs without touch power button… but nothing on serial or usb (lsusb nor messages).
It really hurts about closed modules and libs but bad hardware just broke my heart. =’(

19.3V is good. Try tapping power on multiple times in quick succession…sometimes that is used with other power supplies when it doesn’t quite want to catch, but almost does…it shouldn’t need that, but it might work and give you a chance to clone.

I gave it a few tries without luck… it has no sense at all how it died… alone. I can’t explain my level of disappointment… From many many arm boards that I have… it has been expensive by far and the first one that failed… it was supposed to be mounted in a drone but even had chance to work on my desk more than a week. I still have hope that nv makes good hardware and there is an obscure way to recover it but I couldn’t find any info. Briefing… with a mainline kernel half working… wayland only merging with closed libs and weston… finally having this hw issue… I started reimburse process feeling that I wasted time coding in this platform. =(

Hi basile,

Please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team. We will help you troubleshoot your issue and process a replacement if it is found to be defective.

  • Go to this link - http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/home.
  • Select "Live Chat" option to chat online with one of our customer care agents.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Select the "Jetson" from the product drop-down list.
  • Submit the request.


Hello there!
I appreciate your reply but my board is traveling back to amazon europe, if there were an obscure motive where my reimbursing is not recognized and it came back to me, Im going to follow all process and do whatever at my hand to recover it.
To be sincere, I didn’t feel comfortable with this board, I just drove myself insane to get one when I saw that graphic card on arm64 without research about it. I love the hardware but I cant really make free use of it.
Thank you!