CAN0_STBY pin availability

I’m having trouble understanding whether or not the Tegra TX2’s CAN0_STBY pin will be available for use if I drop it into a Jetson TX1 carrier board.

The Jetson TX1-TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification ( shows that pin3 of the J26 BPIO Expansion header is labeled with the “CAN0_STBY” signal name, yet is marked “Unused” and is greyed out. Also, the carrier board schematics in the Jetson TX1-TX2 Carrier Board Design Files ( shows the same pin (J26-3) labeled as “CAN0_STBY”, and connected to pin E17 of the TX1/2.

Is the CAN0_STBY signal available if I drop a Tegra TX2 into a Jetson TX1 carrier board?

Carrier Board is same for TX1 and TX2 . So, it will be available for TX2 and unused for TX1


Thanks for your reply. It would be good to get this fixed in the Carrier Board Specification document then, because the grey color and “Unused” text makes it look like it isn’t available, even for the TX2.

Hi SLawson,

The carrier board is same for TX1 and TX2, the unused color issue will be fixed in future version, thanks.