Battery for portable application

I’m using Jetson Xavier Dev kit.
my application use Jetson power mode MAXN(or 30W), and idle mode 10W…
I want to utilize battery for outdoor test about 3 hours.

I found related thread in this link(Best Portable Battery pack for Jetson Nano Robot)
however I guess in my case I need more powerful battery.
Can anyone give me advise about which keyword I should check such as mAh, Vol, …etc?

Hi, the nvpmodel is a power profile not real power consumption. You should get the real power consumption of your application and then calculate what kind of battery you need. For example, if the real even power consumption is 10W, working time is 3 hours, then the total power is 10W x 3h = 30Wh. If single battery is 3.7V, 2000mAh, then the total power in battery is 3.7V x 2Ah = 7.4Wh, you will need 30/7.4 = 4+ batteries. Note that the battery voltage in series should not exceed 5V.

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Thank you so much. it helped me a lot.

naive question again…
then, How can I calculate real power consumption?
for example I’m using three cameras connected and powered by USB to Jetson. therefore only power connection is on Jetson board.

Calculate power consumption by measuring the input voltage and current from power supply to Jetson board.

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