Begening with CUDA. Integrating C++ Code and Cuda in QT editor. A lot of doubts!!!


As I said, im a little newbie in this, and I’m having a lot of problems with my first steps :(

The fact is that I need to parallelize some C++ code using cuda, so I read some documentation and start doing things. First of all I’m going to put what are my progress till now

1.-I found a sample with a little .cu file (, when there are explained some basic stuff about cuda. But, when I’m trying to compile it using nvcc it display the next message
“nvcc fatal error cannot find compiler ‘cl.exe’ in path”
I was investigating and cl.exe comes with visual studio…I have visual studio 2008, but I don’t find this ‘cl.exe’ in my computer. Any solution? :(

2.-When I installed the CUDA development Kit, it create an extension in visual studio for creating Cuda projects. That will be helpfull for practicing, but we need to parallelize some C++ code, and we are using Qt editor, but I cannot find a way to integrae CUDA code in c++, or how create a CUDA project in QT.

If anyone could help me with this it will be amazing. And…do you have some kind of “guide” or reference for parallelyzing C++ code of CUDA? I found some information on the internet but it’s not integraed, and results a bit confuse for me :(

Thanks for the help :)

Edit: I use windows 8, and by the moment there is no chance to using unix.

  1. Basically do this: with the path to the directory where CL.EXE lives… which should be by default assuming an x64 Windows 8 system in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin

If that still doesn’t work, use this method: (path is slightly different for VS 2008)


Guides/courses (CUDA in general): (has 20 parts)

Also look at the books CUDA by Example, CUDA Handbook, and CUDA Programming.

Thank you very much!!! Could you belive that the explorer of windows didn’t find the ‘cl.exe’, but it was in the path you said??? I put it in the path and it works…Hurra!!! I compiled my first program, I’m very happy :)

I will look the links that you gave me… again, thank you very much, vacaloca (I love your nick XD) :)

The Udacity course is really good!

Thanks. I’m still trying to create my own CUDA code in QT, but I’m still having some problems.

I should look for a kind of tutorial that explain that starting by 0.

You might want to refer to this: