Beginner's Question Programming and the GTX550TI

Hello friends.

I am new to using the “video card” as a remote processor for my C programs.

I’m asking if it will be wise to buy a second GTX550TI and use them as my learning platform. I believe they are to work in pairs. I have the power supply for them. 660 watt.

I would assume that the GTX550’s will provide a fair foundation for learning.

Would that be correct? I would have a fair setup with twin 550tis’ ?

I thought it wise to ask first before Ai buy the second unit.
My intentions are to learn to program using the GPU and OpenMP so what the hey… If it’s cool I want it… For that low price that is… Tesla is way out side my price range.

Pardon if this is in the wrong place.


You can learn with just one card, right? I’m guessing that it’s a lot easier to program for one card.

Yes, start learning with the card you have and then you’ll have a much better idea of what you may want to buy later.

Okay, then… Will do… don’t need two to start with.


I started with a book called CUDA by example. It is rather old (2 years :D), but it helped enough. After I started to write my own program for a specific problem. I found quite useful the Gem books. They have a bunch of articles about how to solve different problems in various fields. The articles relatd to CUDA start form GEMs 3 and the newest is GEMs the Jade edition.

Not to forget the definite and most important resource, the CUDA C Programming Guide.

Thanks. This CUDA is on my todo list. I am also needing to learn about OpenMP but hey these things seem to go together.

I am saving your book link so I can get a copy.

Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of using GPU but hey, it’s cool for sure.

I hit a snag installing the Cuda stuff per RHEL6 instructions so I am waiting for advice on that.

Again thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.