/bin/bash: ngc: command not found

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I’m getting ngc run error when I try it DLI online course.

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ngc is a tool. Refer to NVIDIA NGC

wget --content-disposition https://ngc.nvidia.com/downloads/ngccli_linux.zip && unzip ngccli_linux.zip && chmod u+x ngc-cli/ngc

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As you can see, this command is applied at the first cell in the image.
And I try your command on the terminal, It is not working also.

Please chmod it.

More info, please refer to Unable to pull pretrained model from NGC - #8 by Morganh

Despite of chmod, ngc command doesn’t work.
I tried => chmod u+x /ngc_assests/ngccli/ngc-cli/ngc

So, I download trained model from ngc website.

And It works, the model is training by pratice code

Maybe, I’ll do it as same for the class.
Anyway, I think this process is not natrual.
Please, someone follows up for DLI online course to fix.

Can you run

! ls ngc_assests/ngccli/ngc-cli/ngc

and then

! ngc_assests/ngccli/ngc-cli/ngc registry model download-version nvidia/tao/trafficcamnet:unpruned_v1.0


Thansks, It works.


I am getting the same " /bin/bash: ngc: command not found" error and when I do this : !ngc_assets/ngccli/ngc-cli/ngc I am getting this error :

ngc_assests (X)
ngc_assets (O)
You can look the path in the Archive Line in the Image what you shared


It works :
!ngc_assets/ngccli/ngc-cli/ngc registry model list nvidia/tao/* --column name --column repository --column application

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