Black screen after GPU (A1000-6GB) software installation (550.90.07/545...535...)

Hi everyone,

I am quite desperate at this point as I tried everything that I could find on the internet. I am new on Ubuntu as I only recently need it for a project and really have to use the GPU as the software is graphic intensive.
Laptop : Lenovoo P16v Gen 1 (21HK000QMB)
GPU: A1000 - 6GB
CPU : i7-13700H
OS : Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
Kernel : 5.15.0-113-generic
Other important data ?

So to start I tried to install it from additional drivers, then I got a black screen after boot menu > safe mode > root > purge everything, then I could login again.
Tried with terminal, tried to run file directly, tried to blacklist nouveau driver tried to update everything, every trick I could find I tried. Only thing that I haven’t is to ask help with some logs on forums.
(Windows was deleted from the beginning so no dual boot)

I am open to hear your solutions.
Thank you.

nvidia-installer.log (42.3 KB)