Black screen after install of nvidia driver through ubuntu repo (Alienware m15 r4)

Opening a new thread here (old thread starting here: Black screen after install of nvidia driver ubuntu - #141 by generix). I’m on an Alienware m15 r4 with a GTX 3070. When installing nvidia drivers via the ubuntu repos (e.g. Additional Drivers in Software Updates Settings) the internal screen does not work: it is detected but stay black. When installing via the file no such issue appears but the installation seems to have an issue with being “permanent” i.e. sometimes after restarting the driver deactivates. I’ve attached a bug report from the installation done via the .run file.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (419.7 KB)

@generix Thanks for the info about new users. Here’s the bug report you requested.

Very odd, only noticable difference is that the repo driver force-loads the nvidia-uvm module which shouldn’t have any influence on the driver. Also checked if the repo driver contains additional patches but didn’t spot any besides a compiler flag change.

You could try to repro this with the .run install by adding


or removing the module from repo install in
/lib/module/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/char/drm
and running sudo update-initramfs -u