Black screen after suspending (an old problem on KDE with latest Nvidia driver)

I’ve updated drivers to 460 (current in Ubuntu’s repository)

And I’ve got an old annoying problem on KDE: I’m seeing the black screen after my laptop had woke up.
the same with nvidia 465.

Lenovo Legion
Nvidia 1050 GTX
KDE Neon 5.22 (latest)
KDE Plasma 5.22.2 (latest)
NVidia 460.80 (latest in repo)

with version 418 all worked fine, but it was removed from repo as deprecated
and v460 has a better performance (on my views)

People from another forums (kde,reddit,etc.) told, that it is bus in drivers, not in KDE.

Is there any workaround?
Help, please!


Maybe setting up
might help.

Hello. Thank you for hint, but it didn’t help.
So, I’ve installed nvidia-driver-450-server instead of 460/465, and it works fine.

I’ve found several similar topics, for example: [Regression in 460.27.04,460.32.03,460.39,...] Black screen: nvidia-modeset: ERROR: GPU:0: Failed to allocate display engine core DMA push buffer

Seems like something wrong with 460-series

Yes, but unclear in what way. Some users in that thread (or another) mentioned this is only happening when using Ubuntu while Fedora works fine with the 460 driver. In a similar case, the Ubuntu repo packages led to a black screen while using the nvidia runfile installer worked.
Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.