Blender Hairworks Plugin ?

I was wondering is there a plan to create a blender hairworks pluing to export spline guides to hairworks viewer like in 3ds max or maya ?

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There is no current plan for Blender plugins.

That is a Poor Plan at Best. Blender 2.8 is what my studio is moving to from all Autodesk Products. And I know I am Not alone in this move. I would expect proper support considering the vast amount of funds we spend on your video cards and the fact Blender was downloaded by over 1 Million people in the last year.

Yes. A Blender Addon that will allow you to export a Blender hair particle system to an application that supports the import of HairWorks .apx files. The best way to do facial hair is to create it like clothing. You import it through Character Creator clothing import. You can try nvidia hairworks or tressfx they have unofficial exporters, but it needs some works to implement those technologies. Hairworks is ported to Unreal and Unity, TressFx is ported only to Unity. Maruti Suzuki XL6