How to export the new blender fur system to USD file?

See, in this video I try to export the new blender fur system official example to USD with latest OV blender 3.6 version.

I do get nothing in, please help me?

Unfortunately we do not support exporting the new Fur system to USD. It is something we are looking at investigating later this year but no solid plans yet.

Thank you for the answer!
We have a huge customer case here waiting for this feature,
and its all about making dozens of Cats with a2f + custom body animation renderings EVERY NIGHT.

Visibility for this case is very large in Europe.
If we cannot have the new Blender fur system to be supported by Omniverse, we are forced to go Unreal Engine way on this, and I really would not like that.

Can we open a discussion with Nvidia Blender dev team about this?

Omniverse Ambassador