On Lynx model no fur is not exported to Omniverse USD

I have bought this top quality Blender Lynx from Alessandro Mastronardi.

It has quality Fur in Blender, but even with the latest Blender 3.6 Alpha USD that fur is not exported to Omniverse USD.

Please see my video about the problem:

Also none of the materials are coming in, why?

I would like to share this blender file for someone in Nvidia who knows a lot about Blender…


Unfortunately we do not support exporting the new Fur system to USD.
It is something we are looking at doing. If anyone in the community needs Fur support please Like @pekka.varis 's post or make a comment in the thread. Thanks!

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I would love to have fur support coming out of Blender. Being free and robust, Blender has an extremely large community of users all over the world. Since Omniverse has no built in modelling tools, Blender is the defacto go to for modelling. The higher the compatibility that Omniverse can achieve, the more users will adopt Omniverse for sync and collaboration.

Our own extremely talented Jeremy Lightcap is working a project with fur (no spoiler ;) .
I myself, would like to create a fox like avatar, that is articulated and as articulate as Toy Jensen, but with a shinier coat and longer whiskers.
As we look at movies like Monsters, Inc and the character Sully, we see how critical fur can be to the success of the film. Artists working on Sully had to animate him with fur on, early in the process, because the skinny unfurry version of Sully appeared to have no mass and thus was too difficult to animate.
Lastly, Omniverse has an opportunity to be the clear leader of all DCC’s when it comes to USD. USD is the future of creative collaboration and Omniverse is and should continue to be the surfboard that we choose to ride that wave with. Omniverse has a lot of momentum going, but we should all work to keep it growing.


Please continue to support the Blender feature set - I vote in favor of the above request.