Blenshape names error after opening saved .USD file

The workaround is to play some audio, then you’d be able to activate the StreamLiveLink.

If you’re using Streaming Player, you can right-click and send the example track.


And if you’d like to do it using REST API, you can send a very short audio to Audio2Face, then activate the Streaming like so:

    # send a very short audio to audio2face
    push_audio_track_stream(url, data[:10], samplerate, instance_name)
    # enable livelink
    enable_livelink_data = {
        "node_path": "/World/audio2face/StreamLivelink",
        "value": True
    result ="http://localhost:8011/A2F/Exporter/ActivateStreamLivelink", json=enable_livelink_data).json()