Blocked Access Attempt


I received an email today from saying “We detected suspicious activity at NVIDIA Developer from the ip:… If that is your IP address click here to unblock it. Otherwise disregard this email. Clarification: Your account is not blocked, only access to it from the aforementioned IP.”

I did click to unblock because the IP address is from the city of our corporate office through which our network traffic routes (on the other side of the country).

I don’t think I’ve changed my access pattern any in the past 6 months. Has something changed? Can’t I use my developer account when I’m out of the office?

Can someone point me to a policy statement or explain what might have happened? (I was using the account offsite in the morning.) Or, where should I direct my questions?

The email also stated:

“If you did not make this request, please contact us by replying to this mail.
Best Regards!”

I tried, but, doh, this is from a “noreply” address that apparently doesn’t accept messages.

Best Regards,

Hi Roger,

Thanks for reaching out. We are looking into this now and will keep you updated on what we find.


Hi Roger,

We looked into your account and there are no issues that we can find. The email was legitimate, but the reason it went out is still unknown at this time.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for checking. This has only happened one time. I’ll let you know if it occurs again.


Sounds good.