blue and gray arrows for constraints in PVD


I’m wondering about what is visualized with that blue and gray arrows in PVD if I enable visualizing constraints. I thought that were forces that hold the join in it’s limits but for my prismatic joints the direction of that arrows depends on the init position of the joint actors. The direction of the arrows than is different from the moving direction of the joint.

So what do this arrows visualize?


I experienced the same problem as you stated: the limit directions of linear joints (at least that’s what I interpreted the blue and grey arrow as) stay in the direction they have been initialized and do not keep track of changes in the joint’s orientation. Is this a bug or have I done some wrong configuration:

((physx::PxPrismaticJoint*)jointsStabalizer[eSTABALIZER_JOINT_HYDRAULIC_BBL_ROD_LEFT])->setPrismaticJointFlag(physx::PxPrismaticJointFlag::eLIMIT_ENABLED, true);