BlueField-2 DPU Engineering Sample Dual Port

Is there a possible way for the BF2M515A-VENOT_C01_Ax to have the Mellanox ConnectX 6 Dx Network Controller to be Split into 2x100Gbps Physical Ports since it has 2 ports or is the Silicon for that Particular Sample Fused Off to only support the 200Gbps Link on 1 port and the other port is just a dummy one?
I’ll take any information about how to split it or if it’s just a fools errand.


“BF2M515A-VENOT_C01” seems like a customerized DPU for a specific customer.
Please contact your regional NVIDIA Sales person or Solution Architect engineer for further information…

The card has an engineering sample sticker on there. How is that sold to a customer?


I recently got the same BF2M515A-VENOT_C01_Ax card, have you noticed any difference in the other port, I’m confused too, thanks.

Also trying to get the 2nd port to function I don’t know if it’s infiniband or some other function port or I hope it isn’t fused off

Okay, thanks for the info.
Good luck!