Bluefield-3 disappears after upgrade to Rocky 9.4

I recently deployed a few GH200 servers with Bluefield-3 cards. I installed Rocky 9.3 (kernel 5.14.0-362.8.1) and everything looks great. I can see the ports in ip addr. As soon as I run dnf update and it installs the new kernel (5.14.0-427.13.1) the card completely disappears.

Since this is a GH200, I’m using the aarch64+64k. Is this specific to ARM64, or is anyone seeing this in the x86_64 version as well?

Just downloaded the Rocky 9.4 aarch64 ISO and confirm that the BF3 card doesn’t show up in the installer at all. It shows up in Rocky/RHEL 9.3.

Hi ,

Which version of DOCA are you using ?

Rocky Linux 9.3 is supported , 9.4 is not supported with this kernel

Supported 9.3 with 5.14.0-362.8.1.el9_3.aarch64

You can also try this version
RHEL/Rocky 9.4 aarch64 doca-host-2.7.0-204000_24.04_rhel94.aarch64.rpm