Installing DOCA 3.7 on ubuntu - no DPU interfaces

I followed the DPU Installation Guide for v3.7 using Ubuntu 20.0.4 on the server with BF2 and installed SDKManager and used it to update the host and DPU. When it completed, I can see that the DPU has Port1 and OOB connectivity - but the host has lost all connectivity. And an OS error message pops up that netplan script is corrupt…

I think I have run into a known SDK release note issue:
Description: Kernel upgrade is not currently supported on BlueField as there are out of tree kernel modules (e.g., ConnectX drivers that will stop working after kernel upgrade).

Workaround: Kernel can be upgraded if there is a matching DOCA repository that includes all the drivers compiled with the new kernel or as a part of the new BFB package.

Keywords: Kernel; upgrade
Discovered in version: 3.7.0

I fixed the host network connectivity by having netplan generate a new config file - but that file only has one embedded host NIC and the tmfifo NIC.

I don’t see any instructions to follow the release note workaround. It sounds like the BF2 host drivers need to be rebuilt with the current kernel.

How do I do that?