Getting started with DOCA for ConnectX 6-dx

Looking at DOCA 1.5 LTS release notes it mentions DOCA onwards supports ConnectX. However when I’m trying to install DOCA through SDK I dont see any option for ConnectX as host. Can anybody guide or refer me to the resources which I might have missed or overlooked.

I have a machine with ConnectX 6 card that Im trying to setup for DPDK based application


I guess you misinterpreted the saying. As far as I know, DOCA is for the BlueField that embed ConnectX NICs. The BF2 has a ConnectX 6 DX, and the 3 has a CX7.

If you only have a ConnectX NIC the right path is to use DPDK directly, and installing the OFED instead of DOCA.