Bluetooth external device connects and auto disconnects on sdk

I’ve tried to modify the /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service.d/nv-bluetooth-service.conf file similar to Bluetooth Auto Disconnect in Jetson Xavier NX - #3 by RkR. Following the instructions in the reference link I’m stack with file Read Only file system restriction. Any help or tip how to resolve this issue is appreciated, since my solution communicates with iPhone over the BLE channel.


  1. jetson has been re-flashed with SDK manager.
  2. cannot editing the nv-bluetooth-service.conf file as user and super user.

Hi izidorg,

What JetPack version are you using?
It’s working to navigate the /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service.d/nv-bluetooth-service.conf file with sudo on r35.2.1.

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