shut down jetson's desktop system, and separate the bluetooth management from the desktop system.

If I shut down jetson’s desktop system, I just open the x system.
Is there any way to separate the bluetooth management configuration software from the system setting in the desktop system?
I want to be lazy and don’t want to write an extra bluetooth management tool.

Yes you can disable the desktop manager application in Ubuntu.
The question is what you will use instead of the desktop manager for starting programs?
The bluetooth configuration tool is just a program; you can keep it installed and start it from the command line if necessary.
For whatever you need to do on boot-up, dig into the systemd unit files (*.service) to see which dependencies are really needed for Bluetooth.
In general, “sudo systemd enable bluetooth.service” should be enough for the runtime parts.

thank you very much . but I didn’t find “bluetooth.service”.

I sorry, I find it.but this cmd"sudo systemd enable bluetooth.service" useless.
have some operational steps?
thank you very much.

Switch bluetooth in desktop system.
But it failed in the x system.