Board Support Package for QNX OS

I want to use QNX OS, on nvidia orin processor.
Can you provide a Board Support Package for this?
Or can you provide the necessary files?

We don’t support QNX on Jetson.
It’s only available on DRIVE platforms.

I’m saying that because I don’t understand properly, but the fact that it can only be used on the Drive platform means that Linux or other OS on Jetson is also not supported?

L4T, which is based on Ubuntu, is the only OS supported on Jetson.
Is that clear for you?

I understand about that, thank you. So can you explain what this is? I understood this to be QNX BSP.

It says DRIVE AGX Orin, not Jetson AGX Orin

Sorry, I think I misunderstood and explained it incorrectly.

We need Board Support Package for DRIVE AGX Orin. Is it possible to provide it?

Then you are supposed to ask in the DRIVE forum, not here.

Jetson is different hardware than Drive. Drive has some ARM Cortex-R series components in it, and has the ability for functional safety and hard real time. Jetsons share similar Cortex-A series, but they are incapable of using Drive. You’re in the wrong forum for that. Drive forum is here:

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