Not geeting access to Nvidia drive OS


I hvae created account in Nvidia developer program and and have logged in to NGC but I am not geeting any option for donloading Drive OS on my office desktop Ubuntu system. I am not able to see private registry option.


The DRIVE OS can’t support Jetson platform.

I want to replicate NVIDIA orin board environment. so how shall I do that?


Do you want to simulate the Orin environment on a desktop machine?
What is your use case?


Yes. So our task is to replicate the environment for developement of deep learning models as we want to use driveworks for our application so that we can copy the code from desktop to Orin board as it is.


Please grant the access NGC repository under Nvidia drive Orin

The “Drive” software is for some specialized hardware (aptly named, since it is used inside automobiles). Any Jetson is flashed with software from the regular developer program; you have to be a partner to use the Drive software on Drive hardware.

The installer frontend GUI is JetPack/SDK Manager (accessible in the developer tab, not the partner tab). The actual installed software is Linux for Tegra (“L4T”, which is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). Releases of L4T are tied to specific releases of JetPack/SDKM. Documentation is included with specific releases. See:

Note that although the GUI frontend can work with Ubuntu 22.04, the underlying flash software for Jetsons cannot. You’d be advised (for Orin) to have a host PC running Ubuntu 20.04. Then sdkmanager can be run (without sudo) and it will install the correct development software for “developers” (not partners).

I am moving this to the DRIVE AGX Orin forum so the support team has visibility.

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