Bogie in isaac sim

Good afternoon all!

I finally figured out how to rig a robot up in isaac sim, I’m trying to rig up a bogie on this rover im wanting to simulate, however, I’m finding it very difficult to allow the joint to have free play, I’ve tried almost everything i could think of or find, if someone has a suggestion i would appreciate it. Here is a video of a simple scene i want to accomplish with a bogie with the properties i have listed on the side

i want to note everything is a fixed joint other than the bogies and the wheels being revolute joints just so i can get a solid start.

I tried a spherical joint which allows it to move freely but obviously not in the manner i wanted it to. Could there be a way to constrain that? One would think the revolute joint would just allow it to act as a bearing but for some reason it stays fixed. Ive tried adding masses to all the xforms as well.