Booting From SSD in Jetson Xavier-nx


I followed the steps in the below link for booting from the external device.

I used SSD as the external device.
Initially flashed the image to emmc and then downloaded the rootfs and copied to SSD. Then copied the PARTUUID into the bootloader/l4t-rootfs-uuid.txt file. I was able to flash the rootfs from SSD as mentioned. And the board booted up perfectly.

But for me the requirement is to boot from the SSD directly for the first time itself.

Is it possible to do in that way?

If so, could you please mention the steps for doing it.

Ann Rose Antony.

Can we get some clarification for this “the requirement is to boot from the SSD directly for the first time itself.”?

Do you mean you want to try something like flashing emmc?

If that is your purpose, could you try to replace “mmcblk0p1” from command to the device you want to mount rootfs? If it fails, share us the dmesg.

Yes I need to try something similar with the SSD.

I need to try with the SSD which is an external storage. The name of the memory depends on the partition we have done. For doing the partition we need the board to be up first ?

Yes you have to.

Thanks alot for your quick response…

So, we can’t flash directly to the SSD right?

Whatever had been shared in the is working perfectly.

I need to clarify whether it is possible to flash directly to the SSD, without any initial boots ?

Whatever had been shared in the is working perfectly.

Could you share what is that?


There is nothing that is pre-defined. Even mmcblk0p1 is a device number that is generated by system, if we enable more mmc device there, maybe the emmc would not be mmcblk0p1 anymore.


Can you explain that.

For my understanding the mmc device and the sdcard are mounted with the SOM, hence the modification is possible on the go.

While the SSD is connected as external storage, so I doubt whether it is possible to get the device number on the go.

There is no way for external storage.
Maybe you can write a udev rule to set the device to fixed node.

But we need to set the partuuid of the SSD to the linux host machine for properly flashing from the SSD.

This partuuid will be able to get after the partition of the device. So initially we need to make the board up right? U can correct if am wrong.

The partuuid can be checked on some other ubuntu host but no need to be done on tegra.