Bootloader info

On NVIDIA Orin AGX, UEFI passes the memory mapping information directly to Linux, specifying which mem regions are available and which are reserved.

  • Does Quick Boot does the same? or that info is passed interely from the dts?
  • Does Quick Boot support run time services like UEFI? or after giving the CPU to Linux it no longer works until the next PoR?

Thanks in advance.

Hi jorge.pereira,

What is the “Quick Boot” meaning by you?
Could you help to provide more detailed information or related document mentioned about this?

This NVIDIA stuff, this is what I meant :)

any idea?

How does Linux knows the address range for memory and device when using quickboot bootloader. It seems when using UEFI, the UEFI hands over the memory address available to linux.

Sorry, the DRIVE OS is different from L4T.
You could refer to the following picture for the structure of DRVIE OS.

L4T doesn’t have Hypervisor, and also don’t have quick boot feature.

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