Jetson AGX Orin Access EEPROM in L4T Launcher

I’m very new to the Jetson Orin platform, and I would like to get some help or hints with the bootloader.
My goal is to read from the EEPROM to get some configuration data and use it to determine which rootfs to mount in the bootloader. Personally, I’m more familiar with the U-Boot bootloader, so I’m wondering if there’s an example of reading from the EEPROM in the Tegra bootloader?

Any hints and help would be appreciated!


You can start from enabling the UEFI debug log first and we can point out the next thing to check.

Build the UEFI debug binary and flash it to your board first.

Sorry about the late reply.
So I found out that there’s an EEPROM driver in the bootloader (edk2-nvidia/Silicon/NVIDIA/Drivers/EepromDxe/Eeprom.c), and I used it as a template to get the EEPROM data, and that worked.
Thanks again.

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