Jetson AGX Orin UEFI SerialPort

I want to listen for serial port data or GPIO traffic during UEFI boot.

The purpose is to use serial port or GPIO to listen for external commands for system recovery or system refresh when UEFI retrieve operating system exception or verification failure occurs.

I want to use UEFI to retrieve my operating system, and I want to use UEFI to do automatic system updates or serial control when the system crashes.

Is there a good solution to this?

hello Andyyyyy,

that’s combined uart for sending logs.
why don’t you enable debug flag of UEFI then you’ll see details.
for example,
please check Sources and Compilation session, for the wiki page, Home · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia Wiki · GitHub
please fetch the sources to build the UEFI, there’ll be binary file with debug favor. you may re-flash the UEFI image to enable debug logs.

Hi JerryChang,

I have successfully built edk2-nvidia and successfully swiped it into UEFI.

I want to use UEFI to restore the SD card system to eMMC. This was done after the eMMC system was damaged.

Hi JerryChang,

Do you have a good solution?

hello Andyyyyy,

you should be able to interrupt UEFI by pressing ESCAPE for boot options, and enter menu page to select boot device in UEFI.

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