Jetson AGX Orin UEFI Firmware


Can someone help me on the EUFI f/w question below:

On the Jetson AGX Orin Dev-Kit, is it possible to access and configure the UEFI firmware while in headless mode (via serial console)?

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Use the serial console.

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Do you have the answer to the above? thanks.


I got your reply already…sorry I missed it in the first place.

Are you referencing the USB C serial console or the micro USB? On my devkit when connected to the USB C serial console “/dev/ttyACM0” disappears from my PC when the devkit is connected to power but not powered up. Then when the devkit is powered on “/dev/ttyACM0” doesn’t get created until the devkit has booted to Linux. So, I’m unable to see UEFI and Linux startup from “/dev/ACM0” on the USB C serial console.

That is expected. Type C usb port is not able to output bootloader log.

For every jetson platform, the port you are using for flash could output serial log after kernel is up. And it can only output kernel log. Cannot output any log prior to kernel.

For Orin and Xavier devkit, this is the type C port.

For some early platform like jetson nano, tx2-nx, nx, it is the micro usb port.

However, there is another port that is actually a serial console based on UART. This interface always outputs log no matter your device boots up to kernel or not.

For Orin and AGX Xavier devkit, we make it as the micro usb port on your carrier board. Which actually has a UART-usb converter inside. Thus, that port is actually not a real usb port. But to let you dump bootloader log.

I just connected up the micro USB and I see the pre-Linux boot logs. Thank you, I appreciate the explanation.

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