Jetson AGX Orin boot use USB

hi,I would like to boot Orin via USB, how should I do this? Is there any documentation on this?

Please check UEFI Adaptation — Jetson Linux
Developer Guide 34.1 documentation (

I use the SDK Manager and select the emmc boot method to burn successfully. But when I choose to use the USB method, it fails. Here is pictures of the problem that i have met.

There is a “EXPORT LOGS” in the picture you just posted.

Export the full log and attach it here. It would be better than sharing screenshot.

here is the export logs.

SDKM_logs_JetPack_5.0.2_(rev.1) (254.3 KB)

Is this a Orin devkit or custom board?

This is DEVKIT


Could you firstly flash into emmc case and see if your type C usb port is able to run in device mode?

Flashing to usb drive requires the flash port able to work in device mode after boot up.

yes. I have already successful flash into emmc.

So where is the answer of my question here…?

if your type C usb port is able to run in device mode?

sorry. I am not sure that how to see the type C usb port is able to run in device mode. how to do it.

Please check ifconfig on your jetson and see if there is a interface “l4tbr0” with ip assigned.

I used the ifconfig command to check and the photo below shows an l4tbr0 interface.

Through SDK Manager I used the USB method to burn, the USB will automatically show these partitions as follows, which means orin operated on the USB, but eventually could not burn successfully.