Not able to flash

any idea what is going on with this, flashing my orin is a nightmare it so often doesn’t work (546.9 KB)

Are you using VM or native Ubuntu 20.04 PC?


[   0.2967 ] Sending bct_br
[   0.3478 ] ERROR: might be timeout in USB write.
Error: Return value 3

The log means you should do this:

native on a x86 - thanks for your help. fyi the orin also has an ssd that i’m trying to flash on to… it’s worked a few times before but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. i did manage to flash onto the normal 64gb drive no worries last night, weird

ok thanks i’ll give that a go. i did notice that on the failed attempts the orin begins to boot before the flash is complete, like way before around 60% then fails at 70%

FYI, the Jetson should reboot automatically after flash completes; this is when optional package install starts (and requires first boot account setup…verify it isn’t attempting first boot account setup). However, if the Jetson self-reboots under load and it isn’t part of the flash, then I would suspect the power supply regulation quality. Simply losing USB is not what I would think of as actual reboot as USB has many other issues that might cause USB to fail. You never stated if this is a dev kit or a third party carrier board, nor did you state if it is the default dev kit power supply.

I got it working, fustratingly no idea how or what ended up being different on the working flash.

It’s the dev kit, standard from Nvidia and using the nvidia usb-c power supply

my only thinking is when i put it into force recovery mode worng, like by taking my finger off the middle button just before the power or vice versa, no idea, also not convinced this is the reason as each time it apeared on the sdk manager and didn’t boot.

i don’t know, anyway glad it’s working and if i figure out on the next flash what was going wrong i’ll post it here

thanks for all your help regardless

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