Jetson AGX Orin SDK USB Type-C

Hello All,
I cannot connect from my MacBook to Jetson AGX Orin SDK’s USB type-C, as explained in this page:

(headless configuration + Mac)

I can connect to the SDK using ssh, but my purpose is to connect to Jetson as USB device mode.

Am I missing a step to enable connecting from my MacBook to Jetson AGX Orin SDK USB Type-C Port (10)?
FYI, I can connect using the micro USB.

Thank you very much.

The verified use-case is to connect Orin to a Ubuntu host PC. In this case the Orin can enter device mode and a guidance named L4T-README will pop up on host PC. Please check if you can run this use-case. It may not work properly if connecting to PC in Windows OS or Mac OS.

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I see. Thank you very much for your explanation @DaneLLL

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