Jetson Orin Dev Kit SSH over USB

I have searched far and wide and have finally decided to throw up the white flag and seek help for how to connect to the Jetson Orin Developer Kit with SSH via the USB C connector adjacent to the 40 pin header. I have had no trouble doing this on my Jetson Xavier Developer Kit but have been unable to find guides for the Orin and have been struggling for quite some time.

Ideally I would like to be able to connect to my Jetson Orin via Putty on Windows 10, however I also have Ubuntu 20.04 available as a host machine if for whatever reason that is necessary. I am using the USB A to USB C cable that came in the box with my Jetson Orin, and the cable was able to successfully flash the operating system via SDK manager (however it was unable to detect the board for JetPack SDK Components, which leads me to believe there could be a larger problem with my board, but those components are now installed on my machine via apt)

I feel as though this should be fairly simple and this will probably be an embarrassingly easy response for your team. Thank you!

Please connect Orin to the Linux host in Ubuntu 20.04. And on the host PC, you can login Orin by running the command:

$ ssh _USER_NAME_@

If you would like to login through Windows 10 PC or laptop, we would suggest put the PC and Orin developer in same local area network(LAN) and then you can login by running:


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