Micro-USB Serial Data Transfer


I have two Jetson AGX Orin boards connected together in this configuration:
Jetson AGX Orin (Host)
Micro B
Jetson AGX Orin (Device)

The host Orin recognizes the device Orin with dmesg --follow and lsusb.
The host Orin is also able to read/write to the device Orin’s serial UART debug console and see bootloader information.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. With this configuration, is it possible to send serial data from the host to the device over USB-A to micro-B?
  2. If so, how can I send serial data to the device and have the device read serial data?
  3. If not, what other USB options can I use to send serial data from the host to the device?

r34 release is developer preview. We not have production release Jetpack 5.1. Please upgrade to the release and try again.

My apologies, I mistyped. Both boards are R35 rev 1.0. Is it possible to send serial data from the host to the device over A to micro-B?

The OTG port of Orin developer kit is the type-C port. Please use the type-A to type-C adapter to connect the two Orins. So that you can run the command on Orin host to login Orin device:

$ ssh _USER@

For sharing files, you can use scp command.

The host Orin dev kit does not recognize the other Orin when plugged in using the provided type-A to type-C cable (i.e. the device doesn’t show up on dmesg and lsusb), and so no ethernet-over-usb l4tbr0 interface with IP is visible. Is the provided cable not a data cable?

Do you connect to J40 port? J40 is the OTG port.

Yes, connecting J40 on the device to USB-A (J33) on the host

Please try Jetpack 5.1(r35.2.1)

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