USB problem on jetson linux 36.2

Dear all,
We have a jetson agx orin module,Now want porting 36.2 , I found the usb can’t work fine under the 36.2 version.
I have checked and changed the usb device tree according to the r36.2/DeveloperGuide-> Porting the Universal Serial Bus.

I use the script to download.
sudo ./ -S 8GiB jetson-agx-orin-devkit mmcblk3p1

Below is my device tree and startup log. Please help analyze and locate the USB driver issue. I need to get the mouse and keyboard working first.

the startup log.
startuplog.txt (32.8 KB)

the dts
my.dts.txt (488.1 KB)

Hope to receive a reply as soon as possible, thank you.

The porting guide for USB is still old one and will be updated in Jetpack6 GA.

Please wait for GA for your bring up.

If this is your first time bring up, please use jetpack5.

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